Restaurants in the County Green Business Certification Program Need Your Support

April 30, 2020
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The mission of the Green Business Certification Program is to empower businesses to green their operations through the provision of tools, incentives, inspirational ideas, collaboration, and leadership opportunities and encourage local consumers and other businesses to consider Certified Green Businesses when making purchasing decisions.

As such, we will be sharing important information to you about programs available during COVID-19.

The restaurant industry, like so many service industries, has been significantly impacted by Covid-19.  All the restaurants and caterers have altered, or are in the process of evolving, their business practices during this challenging time.  Some have had to lay-off or furlough employees and are endeavoring to support them through various means.  Purchasing take-out food would surely be appreciated!

To learn more about how you can support local restaurants and food producers in general, and, importantly, those in our community who are food insecure, see the Montgomery County Food Council website, an invaluable source of information and inspiration.  Visit Montgomery also offers an extensive restaurant directory to promote take out, pick up, and food delivery options through their MoCo Eats To-Go Guide.

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