Introducing the Youth Energy Stars Program!

November 17, 2021
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Montgomery Energy Connection is excited to launch our Youth Energy Stars Program! We’ve created this kid-friendly program featuring the furry and friendly Energy Stars who teach kids (and adults) how they can use less energy by making simple changes.

Energy Stars Videos

These Energy Stars provide everything you need to make energy fun and engaging, check out their fun videos with easy energy saving tips and their catchy sing-along video!

Become an Energy Stars Educator in 3 EASY Steps!

Step 1:  Print your Energy Educator Kit and complete with your students

Step 2: Have Students Take the Energy Saver Pledge

Step 3: Get Energy Stars Action Kits and Certificates. Once your students have completed the pledge, fill out the request form to receive the Energy Stars Action Kits* and Certificates

*The Energy Star Action Kits are filled with fun goodies to help students take action using less energy: see picture below

The Energy Stars Action Kit

For Parents/Caregivers

Simply have your child take the Youth Energy Saver Pledge now. Upon submission, they will receive a special Energy Saver Certificate which they can proudly display along with a fun-filled Activity Book, you can also download it here: Energy Star Activity Book

Whether it is for your classroom, club, or program, we have FREE fun-filled hands-on learning activities about energy sources designed to engage and educate children (and adults) about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

Kids Energy BINGO: Kids Energy Bingo
This interactive bingo card allows kids to find out ways to use less energy in their homes. Email your bingo card, along with your own energy-saving idea(s) to to receive a free prize pack!

Additional Information 

Are you a Certified Green School or looking to become one?

This program will help you get there and guess what? There is no cost!!!

Founded in 1999, the Maryland Green Schools Program (MDGS) is a sustainable school program that is nationally recognized as having a significant impact on students and schools. Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE) is the lead for the program, find out more here.

Do you work or volunteer at an before/after school program, congregation, Girl/Boy Scout Troop?

This program will provide you with fun activities that will engage your students in making good energy choices.

Want to Schedule a Presentation? 

We also provide presentations for PTA groups, congregations, and community organizations where we can bring these materials to you and provide your students with a fun, interactive presentation. Here is more information about what we provide, if you are interested in any of these events, please fill out this form:



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