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Install a Rain Garden

A beautiful idea for protecting our streams.

Rain gardens are a beautiful way to use your landscape to soak up and filter excess rainwater and keep it from entering storm drains or directly into streams. Additionally, when you use native plants in your rain garden, you help create a diverse habitat with food sources for birds and beneficial insects likes honeybees and butterflies.


Residential rain garden



Homeowners can receive rebates up to $2,500 for installing rain gardens through the Montgomery County RainScapes program. Businesses, HOAs, multi-family properties and non-profit organizations can receive up to $10,000 in rebates.

RainScape rebate rain garden project requirements

Why do I need to worry about stormwater? Isn’t that what storm drains are for?

There are so many rooftops, driveways, and roads in Montgomery County that rain runs off rapidly and sometimes uncontrollably from these hard surfaces. Too much runoff entering our streams causes the banks and channels to erode and increases the amount of sediment and other pollutants being carried downstream. Adding a rain garden to intercept the runoff from your rooftop or paved areas slows it down and stores it temporarily so that it can be absorbed into the ground, where it is cleaned by the soil and recharges our reservoirs.


Isn’t the water flowing into storm drains treated at a water treatment facility?

No. Storm drains in Montgomery County carry water to stormwater management structures or directly into streams. There is no specific treatment for oils, trash or fertilizers that may be carried in runoff.


How does the RainScapes program work?

The RainScapes program offers Montgomery County residents and businesses financial incentives and technical assistance to install landscaping techniques that reduce stormwater runoff coming off their property.

  1. Explore the RainScapes website to determine if you are eligible and read about the various projects, including rain gardens
  2. Review the application process and first steps
  3. Apply online

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