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Montgomery County PLOGGING Challenge!

  What is plogging?? It started as a fitness trend in Sweden! People organized picking up trash while jogging to better enjoy their route. They would post photos of them jogging and picking up trash to challenge others to do the same! The term “Plogging” is a combination of two Swedish words: “plocka upp” (to
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Montgomery County Installs First Trash Trap!

  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is excited to announce our first Trash Trap successfully installed in the Anacostia Watershed!   Photo Credit: Anacostia Riverkeeper     Learn how the trash trap was installed by visiting the Neighbors of Northwest Branch blog.     This trash trap was funded by the Montgomery County Watershed

Department of Environmental Protection 2021 Year in Review

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has released its 2021 Year in Review video with department highlights! The video features DEP’s Acting Director Adriana Hochberg and staff members describing 2021 accomplishments and innovative programs. Highlights of the video include: Climate Action Plan: Released in June and is one of the most ambitious climate

Public Invited to Stream Restoration Webinar Series

Stream restoration is a complicated and passionate debate for many and can even be quite polarizing. It is not a black and white subject and can contain a lot of grey depending on perspectives. For this reason, Montgomery County has created a webinar series to discuss the topic and various aspects of the County’s restoration

Anacostia Watershed Survey

We Want to Hear from You The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is working to improve the way we communicate with our residents. We are asking Montgomery County residents to take a brief survey about their local environment, so we can understand our residents’ opinions and knowledge about our local environment. What we learn from
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Pollution Prevention Week- Stormwater Management Facilities

Tools in the fight against plastic pollution:   Did you know that stormwater management facilities can often keep plastics out of the Chesapeake Bay?     Many stormwater management structures have components specifically designed for this purpose. Large aboveground facilities have trash racks over the low flow opening and/or over the whole outfall of the

Stream Critters – Yellow Lance Mussel

Introduction Can animals that look like rocks and are capable of trickery and bloodsucking have a positive effect on water quality? What if those same animals had common names like fuzzy pigtoe, purple wartyback, winged spike, fluted elephantear, rough rabbitsfoot, and orangefoot pimpleback? Could you take them seriously? It’s time to meet the stream critter

Stream Critters – Marbled Salamander

Introduction Marbled salamanders are marvelous critters. These thin-skinned, cold-blooded salamanders – and frogs and toads – survive winters without coats. That’s amazing. Salamanders can lose a leg or tail and grow back a completely new one. That’s incredible. Marbled salamanders spend most of their lives underground, each one alone, hidden away. But if you know