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Celebrating Latino Conservation Week, July 17 through July 25

What is Latino Conservation Week? Latino Conservation Week has been celebrated, nationwide, since 2014. An initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation, this week creates opportunity for community members and organizations to get together in support of conservation issues.  Most importantly, Latino Conservation Week emphasizes the Latino community’s passion for the outdoors. The goals of Latino
plastic free july

Plastic Free July

Choose to Refuse Single-Use Plastics The human population is producing and discarding plastic items at an alarming rate. Microplastics, those tiny pieces of plastic such as small beads, small parts of a larger system or pieces that have broken off bigger plastic items, have been found in the world’s oceans, freshwater ecosystems, ice cores, soil

Join in the Celebration – Únete a la Celebración

https://youtu.be/B66OKqDYQEI Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week!   We like to believe that every day should include awareness on how we affect our communities, rivers, stream and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.  However, we realize there are many issues competing for your attention. To help bring the issues to the forefront of everyone’s busy lives, the first full week

Day of Service – Neighbors of the Northwest Branch

Blog post by Darlene Robbins, RainScapes Planner    The sky was a clear, robin’s egg blue when I met up with a group of folks dedicating their Saturday morning to cleaning up a portion of the upper reaches of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River that flows through Montgomery County. The cleanup, sponsored by

Kemp Mill Shallow Marsh Wetland

Wetlands Provide Ecosystem Services Wetlands are often described as the “kidneys of the landscape.” They help remove pollutants from runoff and moderate the flow of water to mitigate floods and drought. Wetland vegetation provides filtering, pollutant uptake, and slows down incoming runoff, allowing sediment and associated pollutants to settle out. The vegetative cover also provides

Are you smarter than our Environmental Leaders?

Blog, courtesy of Bethesda Green.     Bethesda Green’s Environmental Leaders Program is an experiential school-year long sustainability program for high school seniors in Montgomery County. The training focuses on environmental stewardship and community engagement through a series of projects. Applications for the 2021 – 2022 program are rolling. Apply here. Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Environmental Leaders for

Greenfest PLOGGING Challenge!

What is plogging?? It started as a fitness trend in Sweden! People organized picking up trash while jogging to better enjoy their route. They would post photos of them jogging and picking up trash to challenge others to do the same! The term “Plogging” is a combination of two Swedish words: “plocka upp” (to pick