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Winter starts the new garden year

Gardeners know: when the days start to lengthen, it’s time to get back to the garden. One of the typical garden activities of winter is ordering seeds and plants. Another is cutting back perennials and grasses in anticipation of Spring, especially in sunny gardens.  I leave my perennials, which are predominantly native plants, standing up

How to Safely Apply Salt in the Winter

We are all familiar with the crunch of salt underfoot after a snowstorm in Montgomery County. But where does this salt go after the snow and ice has melted? What are the environmental, health, and economic consequences of excessive salt usage in the Winter? What is the problem? Salt left sitting on roads and sidewalks

#MontgomeryPlogs – Join the Challenge

What the PLOG is Plogging?  In celebration of Energy Action Month which takes place annually in October and Storm Water Awareness Week, October 18-24, 2020, Montgomery Energy Connection launched the #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge in partnership with the Montgomery County Watershed Restoration, a program of Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. Plogging is a wacky way of

Road Salt is a Problem

Salt is useful because it is inexpensive and somewhat effective in breaking down ice and snow on our roads.  Following a storm, major roads need to be safe and passable. Salt is dangerous because: at high levels it is toxic to plant and animal life, it corrodes our roads, bridges, and pipes (like in Flint

Reducing Stormwater Runoff and the Use of Deicing Chemicals

Pervious Pavement: What is it?  Pervious pavement is a system for reducing stormwater runoff, ensuring less pollutants enter our waterways, as well as reducing the use of deicing chemicals during winter storm events.  These practices provide a strong, solid surface that can be installed on driveways, walkways, and patios. Three of the most widely used

Middle School Student Started a Plogging Group

My name is Joaquin Contreras Rushing, I go to Silver Spring International Middle School. When I was biking on Sligo Creek, I saw signs for the #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge. My family and I usually join the Creek Clean-up but that’s only twice per year so I wanted to do something more often to help keep our

Plogging Along with The Green Elf of Takoma Park

Perhaps you’ve seen signs along near the trail and parkway intersections about plogging. Have you ever wondered what it is or how to actually do it? What the Plog?  Plogging is combining jogging – or even walking or biking – with picking up litter. Although it is relatively new here in the U.S., it started

Montgomery County Virtual H2O Summit

Taking pride in local water quality, networking, and learning about what is happening in your area is what the H2O Summit is all about! Join us to learn about water quality and how you can become more involved. Since 2020 has become quite unique, the H2O Summit will be held virtually via Zoom. There will

Climate Change at the Local Level: Protecting Our Watershed

When we think of climate change we often think of melting ice caps, rising sea-levels, extreme weather, and warmer global temperatures. These are the harsh realities of a warming planet caused by human activity. We produce energy from burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and consume this energy at high, unsustainable rates. We

RainScapes Rewards Program Pausing for a Few Months

We want to thank all that have expressed interest in our RainScapes Rewards program this year. We have received a record number of rebate applications, and at this time need to take a pause while we process the applications we have already received. From October 12, 2020 until February 14, 2021 we will not be