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Greenfest PLOGGING Challenge!

For Earth Month, we are kicking off the spring #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge at Greenfest. What is plogging?? It started as a fitness trend in Sweden! People organized picking up trash while jogging to better enjoy their route. They would post photos of them jogging and picking up trash to challenge others to do the same! The

Doing a 1980’s Retro!

Quail Valley 1 Stormwater Pond Retrofit   Do you miss leg warmers and 80’s rock band hair? Well, this is not quite that kind of retro! The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection kicked off construction work on the Quail Valley 1 stormwater management pond retrofit project in April 2021.  Located in the Montgomery West neighborhood in East Montgomery Village within the Great Seneca

Booze Creek Gets a Face Lift

Nearly 1400 young trees find a new home along Booze Creek  As of April 2021, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has completed more than three quarters of the Booze Creek stream restoration project.  Efforts are now focused on providing new homes for trees within the riparian area along the stream. The project, which

Fern Fronds Unfurl for Spring

As spring continues its procession, native ferns awaken to the sun and warming earth by unfurling their leaves, called fronds, that emerge from the base of the plant as tightly wound fiddleheads.  Ferns come in a wide range of colors and shapes.  They are easy to grow and rarely bothered by deer. Here are examples

2020 didn’t slow down the Watershed Restoration team  

Its that time of year that our office has come to love. Time to submit our annual report to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. Yes, it’s a mouthful but its how DEP works to protect and improve our water quality. So what’s gone on this past year (July 1

Winter starts the new garden year

Gardeners know: when the days start to lengthen, it’s time to get back to the garden. One of the typical garden activities of winter is ordering seeds and plants. Another is cutting back perennials and grasses in anticipation of Spring, especially in sunny gardens.  I leave my perennials, which are predominantly native plants, standing up

Signs of Spring: Fish!

Signs of spring are beginning to appear but, what makes it springtime? Who you ask will determine the answer you receive. If they are like most of my friends, it is the weather that makes them say it is spring. However, I also know a fair amount of people that will refuse to say that

How to Safely Apply Salt in the Winter

We are all familiar with the crunch of salt underfoot after a snowstorm in Montgomery County. But where does this salt go after the snow and ice has melted? What are the environmental, health, and economic consequences of excessive salt usage in the Winter? What is the problem? Salt left sitting on roads and sidewalks