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#GiftGreener: 15 Simple, Creative Ways to Give

Now in its third year, the Gift Outside the Box Campaign is a program where Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection and our partners challenge you

Greening Your Beauty Routine

You reduce and recycle like a fiend. You have a compost bin in your kitchen, and you carry a metal straw in your purse. You

Montgomery County Food Council is proud to present the Food Literacy Assessment

  The Food Council is proud to present the Food Literacy Assessment which was conducted by their Food Education Working Group (FEdWG) to better understand the landscape

Non-Profits Sustaining Sustainability Series: Green Acres - The Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming

Non-Profits Sustaining Sustainability is a regular feature where we highlight a Montgomery County non-profit organization that is making a difference with their work in sustainability

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Property More Eco-Friendly

You've given up bottled water, plastic grocery bags, and paper towels. But are you really doing your best to decrease your environmental footprint? Change starts

Climate Strike 2019 – A report from the front lines

Guest blog written by Jen Hawse, climate activist, Partnership Manager with Island Press, and new Rockville homeowner. A version of this article also appears on

Greener Acres: Non-Profits Sustaining Sustainability - Rock Creek Conservancy

This regular feature introduces Montgomery County non-profit organizations that are making a difference with their work in sustainability spaces across a variety of industry sectors.

Volunteers Sought for Montgomery County’s Two Newest Climate Planning Process Workgroups

New workgroups are Focused on Community Engagement/Education and Climate Adaptation/Sequestration - Apply by September 15, 2019 Montgomery County has launched a planning process to develop

Bar-T: Holistic Sustainability Programs for Kids

It’s not often that conservation, environmental impact studies and carbon footprint reduction planning involves children who haven’t yet reached double-digits, but the year-round programs designed

County’s Climate Workgroups host first meeting

This article was written by Elle Myers and originally published in The Montgomery County Sentinel on August 8, 2019. Montgomery County’s Climate Planning Process Workgroups,
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